At my friend Alexis’s house this afternoon, I cast my eyes down towards the window.

“Oh look Lex! Big ants.”

I feel like I’ve tripped and fallen into a Lewis Carroll rabbit hole.

“Yes, Stefan’s,” says Lex.

Cape Town sculptor Stefan Schoeman makes beautiful things out of discarded stuff. His ants are made of wire, old DVD tape and avocado pips. Lex and I are big fans. He also makes incredible sculptures out of plastic flex.

‘What Alice Saw’ is one of 300 colours from the Midas Envirolite Zero VOC range of paints, available from Paint & Place paint shops in South Africa.


Angel in flex, by Stefan Schoeman

An artist by the name of Stefan Schoeman (who sometimes arrives in our area dressed in a full kilt) works between Kalk Bay and Woodstock, selling his flex sculptures of angels, rhinos, buffalos and things. I had to buy the zombie angel.

Zombie angel is now on my dishrack. It can stay there until I have to wash up after Sunday lunch. Maybe lunch will be more of a success with this presiding over the cook-off.
Angel - one of 300 colours at Paint&Place, available in Midas Envirolite zero voc paint

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