About a month from now, it will be almost-Spring down on the bottom half of the planet. Unlike now, when what we mostly are is shivery, we’ll surely start getting hot and thirsty. Cool thought: how they serve lemonade in Consol honey jars, at Arts On Main. Beam me up to Jozi please. I want one.

Cool Thought 2: The Bird & The Bees Honey from California. Killer old school logo, designed by James T. Edmonson.

‘Sliced Lemon’ is from Midas Envirolite Zero VOC paint collection.

Thanks Pippa Hetherington & Tania Barker for the inspiration. 


Prunella Soap – source: Miss Moss

Miss Moss found this, not me. But I had to repost it – thanks Miss – because, to quote Miss Moss, the packaging and photography is so darn cute I almost can’t stand it. 

I’d second that. It’s edibly cute.

How can soap be edible?

Easily. I ate soap when I was 3 years old, about. Not because I wanted to, but I was the youngest of a large kangaroo court of siblings, and therin lies the rub. Oh, it’s complicated. But I still love soap. And I love my siblings too. Really I do.

The soap is by Prunella an organic (and vegan) soap line by Janell Anderson out of Portland, Oregan. Click the link to read more.

Soap Bar is from the MIdas Envirolite range of colours. Envirolite is a Zero VOC range of eco paints, from Paint & Place stores in South Africa.

Did your siblings make you eat paint too?

No. Mercifully, they didn’t. But they did tie me to a gumpole and pelted me with mud then turned the garden hose on me. Our mother found us (my screams led her to the crime scene) and gave us all a walloping. Me too.


Jenna Lyons’ Brooklyn home – the nursery [Image via Fashionologie]

Yellow and black are two of my favourite. I’m not talking trend-schmend. What I mean is how, as colours, they contextualise the bigger picture. The yin-yangness of life.

In a room, Y & B can also be lovely. Like the look in J Crew creative boss Jenna Lyons’house – up top. I say yes.

But getting back to the bigger picture, now that the winter solstice has passed, I have to say how much I love this week. Once June 21 has come and gone, life gets 1% yellower by the day.

Koeks, come on. It’s midwinter. Bleak. And mizzzerable.

Well, yes. It’s been raining on us today, and the sun still sets before suppertime. We have two heaters going in one room, and a fire in another.

But scratching off the winter solstice in my diary makes me want to do flickflacks. After 21 June, the days will get longer by a couple minutes every day. Until one morning you realise that it is the sun and the birds, not the alarm, that wake you up. And the street lights are off when you leave for work. And there are freesias nodding their heads in the pot outside the door.

So maybe we’ll all still be freezing our butts off till September, and be glued to our hot water bottles and drink tea in bed – but whichever way you look at it, we’re on the right side of winter.

Soon we’ll be at 70% yellow, 30% black. It’s downhill all the way.

Some of my favourite blacks and one yellow: from the Midas Envirolite palette of VOC-free paints

More shots of Jenna Lyons’ Brooklyn house: images via Fashionologie


My friend Paige Nick showed me these. They make me want to make knit a pair of socks with linguine for Fathers Day, or sculpt a bicycle out of licorice – or something.

The visuals are from Lucky Pony, created originally by Emilie Griottes who runs a food blog called Griottes.

One of 300 colours by Midas Envirolite – Zero VOC paint


Photo: By Antonio Iubatti, Italy. Simply Beautiful Photos From Sony World Photography Awards 2012

‘Starch’ – Zero VOC paint by Midas Envirolite

When you go overnight to Joburg from Cape Town on a certain special train, they give you starched jackets like these ones, pretending to be napkins. We liked that.


There’s a crochet project going on near me. I’m impressed. The impulse came in the middle of exams. Something to do that doesn’t involve algebra or map reading.

I love these pants, made by the one who customises surfboards, makes skateboards out of breadboards, finds ways to unBlackberry his Blackberry, and does lovely scratchy 3-minute doodles.

I think I want some pants like this. Or maybe a dress or a swimming costume.

‘Free’ – one of 300 colours by Midas Envirolite ZERO VOC Paint


2012 cupcakes. 20 kilos of chocolate chips. 50 kilos of icing.

I got a bit wrapped up in Diamond Jubilee this weekend. I loved the interview on SKY with a Gehard Jenne, a German baker who spoke about his pixellated cupcake portrait of the famous ma’am.

That one will be edged with thousands of gingerbread cookies (that people can ice and then eat) for a diamanté frame effect. That’s the interactive cupcake portrait.

This wonderful tribute to the Queen is another. Made of 2012 cupcakes, it’s 6m X 6m and it was done by food artist Prudence Staite, who spent more than 300 hours on the artwork.

300 hours?

I love the obsessiveness. I so wish I had the time to make portraits of queens and things out of cookies.

One day.

‘Jewel’ – one of 300 colours by Midas Envirolite ZERO VOC paints


Today I went to visit photographer Russell Smith in his beautiful studio in Cape Town, which has these wonderful lattice ceilings in a treble volume space. Russell and I worked together a hundred moons ago. Old buildings and old friends are always nice. Pop in and have a look at his beautiful work – on his blog/website link.

‘Lingerie’ by Midas Envirolite


When Florence our housekeeeper puts a pair of socks into the washing machine, what we get back is two matching socks. Mathematically, this makes perfect sense.

This is not the case with me. When Florence isn’t around – especially when she takes a holiday – what the machine spits out is a big fat pile of lonely socks.

(Love the poster, which I saw at Toffiefest 2012. No name designer? Sorry, there were no credits on site.)

I don’t know how it happens, but it does. Almost every pair of socks that I put in the machine gets divorced in the wash. When F gets back from her holiday, she manages to reconcile every pair. Where do all those divorcees go, for heaven’s sake?

Florence is the original domestic goddess. She regularly saves me from drowning – in ironing, messy cupboards and general domestic detritus. Stuff I never can get to in a day.

She also makes neat piles of things. Like this. Incredibly soothing on the eye of a neat freak.

My all time favourite, though, is ironed sheets. Unlike me, Florence really loves ironing. I mean loves.  This is perfect symbiosis. Because  I really love having ironed things. Nothing beats pulling a freshly ironed lavender scented sheet up to your nose on a cold night when your day has been brutal and tiring. Moments before I slip into my 8 hour coma, as my head sinks deeper and heavier into the duck feathers, the  last person whose face I see before a fall asleep is Florence’s. Nkosi Ntombizanele.


Paint Brush is one of 300 colours by Midas Envirolite, Zero VOC paint.

I like collecting paint brushes. And I love having projects lined up so I can do things with them.

It looks like I might soon be in a new house (big yay!) which will usher in a whole new world of joy for my brush collection.

I’m desperate to try a colour clash wall, like the installations by the artist Odili Donald Odita. Not to copy him, but to do something that is clashy and interesting and completely un-square.  I love this example, from his website.

– by Odili Donald Odita