Prunella Soap – source: Miss Moss

Miss Moss found this, not me. But I had to repost it – thanks Miss – because, to quote Miss Moss, the packaging and photography is so darn cute I almost can’t stand it. 

I’d second that. It’s edibly cute.

How can soap be edible?

Easily. I ate soap when I was 3 years old, about. Not because I wanted to, but I was the youngest of a large kangaroo court of siblings, and therin lies the rub. Oh, it’s complicated. But I still love soap. And I love my siblings too. Really I do.

The soap is by Prunella an organic (and vegan) soap line by Janell Anderson out of Portland, Oregan. Click the link to read more.

Soap Bar is from the MIdas Envirolite range of colours. Envirolite is a Zero VOC range of eco paints, from Paint & Place stores in South Africa.

Did your siblings make you eat paint too?

No. Mercifully, they didn’t. But they did tie me to a gumpole and pelted me with mud then turned the garden hose on me. Our mother found us (my screams led her to the crime scene) and gave us all a walloping. Me too.