Cape Town agency – Instant Grass

In 2011 when this project started, I promised to post a proper BEFORE&AFTER, so here it is. The revamp shots of Cape Town agency Instant Grass. All this fun was the doing of interiors man Jaco Janse van Rensburg – thanks also to the supakeen (and hugely trusting) Instant Grass agency bosses who gave him carte blanche to do whatever – along with some interesting licorice-like paint from the people at Earthcote.

BEFORE: lobby meeting room

AFTER: lobby meeting room

BEFORE: The viewing room

AFTER: the viewing room

AFTER: the viewing room – coated in Midas Envirolite, customised turquoise ‘Song of Norway’.

BEFORE: storage and executive meeting area

AFTER: storage and executive meeting area. Earthcote Dorado textured metallics were used on the cupboard fronts.

BEFORE: studio area

AFTER: studio area

BEFORE: kitchen

AFTER: kitchen

Paints by Midas & Earthcote: Customised turquoise keys with the viewing room curtaining / Gritty Earthcote in charcoal ‘Ja Boetie Johan’ was used on most walls. Ceilings painted in flat matt Midas Envirolite ‘Liquorice’

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All ‘After’ images by Russell Smith

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