That’s the number of people who’ve viewed Iz Kamakawiwo’ole’s ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ so far and felt moved (surely?) to an involuntary tappin’ of the feet, or a hummin’ that carried them so fully and completely away, maybe all the way away over the rainbow to the other side of Hawaii, who knows.

I never get tired this song by big Izrael with his little geet. What a voice.

You can match just about any kind of rainbow with it, and it’ll be perfect.

Rainbow for Izrael


So I’m driving on the highway in Cape Town, near Constantia, and I stop at some traffic lights.

In my rear view mirror I notice something flipping around on the road. At first, I think it’s just a leaf or something, blowing in the wind.

Then – because it’s moving along at a pace – I look properly.

That thing is not a leaf. Not a leaf at all but a large creepy crawly, at least as big as my hand.

It is a crab.

I don’t know if it’s a river crab or a sea crab or a marsh crab, but this place is nowhere near anything like a river or the sea or a vlei.

This is a very lost crab, a very long way from home. I hope it didn’t become another road statistic.


‘Kreepy Krawly’ from the Earthcote Heritage Collection – 70 colours inspired by South African people, places and things


TBWA worldwide creative super boss  and award winning playwright John Hunt said this, in his book ‘The Art of the Idea’. He’s right, you know. It’s important to make nice around you. What goes in through the eyes comes out through the heart. Fix the peely, dirty paint. Change the tired, broken sofa. Fix the broken tiles. Clean the windows. Watch the ships go by, if you can.

Philosophy is one of 300 paint colors by Midas Envirolite. At Paint&Place paint shops in South Africa.


i AM ENOUGH - written in Midas Envirolite - 'Gandhi's Tea' on 'Surfers Corner'

Not “Enough”.

Or “I’ve had enough”.

Or “I do enough”.


A friend passed on the link to Brene Brown’s now famous TED talk on vulnerability, in which she concludes with these words. A great statement to write in invisible ink on your T-shirt, and wear it every day. The talk has clocked more than 4.5 million views. It’s a goodie. Click through here to see.


Afraid so.

To put you in the picture; scroll down for the story on AfrikaBurn, from the Cape Times / http://www.iol.co.za.

Most of my friends and family are doing the Burn this year. I, however, am being otherwise. I’m spending the weekend pottering, writing, reading, trimming the bulbs on my window sill, putting my feet up in my sheepskin slippers, bunny blanket over my knees, burning a few logs in my fireplace. Tonight I’ll catch a movie and a noodle supper close to home. Then I’ll have a lovely hot bath, before slipping into my winter sheets with my hot water bottle, and ploughing through half a new novel. How bad does that sound?

I saw another report in one of the weekend papers, showing a few Burn revellers cloaked in mud (yes, it rained on Tankwa) and decorated like a pair of petit fours on their way to becoming a wedding cake. I know people who have truckloads of fun and love every tequila infused minute of it, who really don’t mind having the smell of braai in their hair or mud in their sleeping bags. But that is them, and this is me. Like the lady says, I love not camping. I’m not good with sticky hair. Or long drops.

But I can’t wait to see it all. I know they’ll come back with amazing photographs, movies and great stories. Then I’ll be right there.

Burning to go to AfrikaBurn?

April 24 2012 at 01:02pm – Xolani Koyana

ct AFRIKABURN-5609 (24832021)

The fear God effigies are on display at the AfrikaBurn Festival until Monday at Stonehenge Farm near Tankwa Karoo National Park on the boundry of the Northern Cape. Photo: Ian Landsberg.

YOU voluntarily assume the risk of serious injury or death. You must bring your own food, water, shelter and first aid to survive a week in a harsh environment. Still wanna go? Then don’t forget to read over the survival guide before you head out there.

This no-nonsense disclaimer has been issued to all those attending the AfrikaBurn Festival which starts tomorrow.

The festival is an annual event where creatives gather a “temporary city of art” to express themselves with costumes, music and performances.

It is held at the Tankwa Karoo National Park on the southern boundary of the Northern Cape and runs from tomorrow until Monday.

“The wording may appear somewhat harsh,” said AfrikaBurn’s Michael Suss yesterday, adding that the disclaimer had always appeared on the ticket and was not a case of having had their fingers burnt before.

“Since this is a participant-created event, we cannot assume legal responsibility for the actions of all those who participate. Our entire philosophy is one of radical self-reliance and responsibility: we believe participants need to act consciously and with care at all times,” said Suss

He said asking people to bring their own food and water was also part of the radical self-reliant approach.

The warning should be seen in the same light.

“This is the same as the Burning Man festival in the USA, on which we are modelled. At our desert venue there is no water supply and no food and, since we are an event based on gifting and no commerce, nowhere to buy any food or water.”

Most of the people who took part in the event offered food and drinks – as gifts – for those who forgot to bring something, Suss said. Although he could not give details, Suss said there had been a few cases where people had required medical attention including an incident where a women had been rushed to hospital after falling off a vehicle which then drove over her by accident.

“We take issues of health and safety really seriously and also have a team of volunteer ‘rangers’ on patrol at the site, overseen by a site manager, all on rotating shifts, throughout the event,”said Suss.

The event is loosely based on the Burning Man festival held annually at the Black Rock Desert in Nevada.

The theme of this year’s festival is Mirage.

My kind of home. Earthy, but not muddy. By Midas Envirolite Zero VOC paints.


One of the very cool things about winter: the cost of having fun. On weekends you can take a pile of these and have a rollicking escape to the Wild West, for about 90 cents. If my maths is in a good place, under R1 would make it possible to chunder through three of these lit wonders in a day. What you would need, though, is some sweet brown sherry and a heater.  I was going to say a crackling log fire and some good red wine, but the cliche police are standing by, and they will keelhaul me for saying fire and red wine for the seven millionth time since the log fire was invented. So heaters and sherry it is. Or hot water bottles and Scotch.

Come now Groupon, show me a deal better than this.

I suppose you’ll also need some string to make a cat-o-nine-tails. You’ll be needing to whip the asses of whoever goes overboard on beans with their sausages in your reading room.

‘Ball of String’ – one of 70 colours from Earthcote’s heritage collection, in Zero VOC ultra flat matt paint