The bowls club at Kelvin Grove, Newlands, Cape Town

When I’m an old lady, I might not wear a purple hat. But I might shout over the fence and ask if they’d let me join their cool as an icecube bowls club. This might be the hippest bowling club in the Southern Hamisphere. Maybe the hippest in the entire world? Do they not know the extent of their coolth, at this club? And where do I sign?

When I’m not playing bowls, you’ll find me in my little glass box suspended in the trees. Close to the birds, and easy to keep clean. A sexy overnighter for grandchildren who will want to visit often, because it keys well with their latest music player / ear phones / tablet / ……. stuff.  With them and the house, I’ll be kept young and un-crotchety.

Treehouse photo: Treehotel – source: thesethingsarefun.wordpress.com  

  These things are fun is a blog from another whole galaxy of blogging. Please scope out the joys that await at TTAF. A more beautiful kind of fun would be hard to find. 

City of Trees – from the Earthcote Heritage Collection

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