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When I’m not writing, and planning work projects, I like to paint and potter. You can waste hours and hours painting, and get a lot of thinking done at the same time. So it’s not such a waste. I sorted out a list as long as my arm, and hatched a few ideas, plans and schemes while standing with my nose to this wall. I even worked out what to give my 16 favourite friends for Christmas and where to shop for them. I’m so far with Christmas shopping after this wall, those gifts are as good as wrapped.

One of my favourite paints is the stuff I used on this wall. Worn Leather paint. It goes on one colour and as it dries, it shifts colour organically and becomes chalky and interesting. I used three colours, and enjoyed working the paint in and blending the lines between each colour, which you have to do while your brush is still quite wet. I think it works really well on bagged walls. Worn Leather is an Earthcote paint, from Paint&Place shops in S.A. It needs a coat or two of Earthcote Wall Wax as a sealing coat, once dry.

About the Christmas shopping. That’s not entirely true.


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