2012 cupcakes. 20 kilos of chocolate chips. 50 kilos of icing.

I got a bit wrapped up in Diamond Jubilee this weekend. I loved the interview on SKY with a Gehard Jenne, a German baker who spoke about his pixellated cupcake portrait of the famous ma’am.

That one will be edged with thousands of gingerbread cookies (that people can ice and then eat) for a diamanté frame effect. That’s the interactive cupcake portrait.

This wonderful tribute to the Queen is another. Made of 2012 cupcakes, it’s 6m X 6m and it was done by food artist Prudence Staite, who spent more than 300 hours on the artwork.

300 hours?

I love the obsessiveness. I so wish I had the time to make portraits of queens and things out of cookies.

One day.

‘Jewel’ – one of 300 colours by Midas Envirolite ZERO VOC paints

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