I don’t mind being called cookie, cooks, koeksuster, or even koekalooks. (My mother called me koekalooks.) I also don’t mind ‘love’, ‘honeybun’ or ‘babes’.

What I prefer to stay away from is sweetheart  (usually pronounced SWEE-DART, by the sayer, often through thin, pursed lips.) My top all time please-don’t-call-me-that, is “my swede-dart.” or “My sweedee”. Note the addition of the possessive. Usually by someone who is about to remind me how fast I need to get out of their sight.  Something along the lines of “Listen, My Sweedee, if you don’t … then I will have to….”  That kind of thing.

But back to koekies. Like I say, I’m fine with being Koekie or Koeks.

Which reminds me, there’s a lot of stuff you can do or get on Groupon. Hair treatments, holidays, 18-rounds of golf, family photographs, cruises. You can also learn to make a koekie like the one up top. I’m seriously wanting to jump onto one of those courses. My friend went. For R350 she become a koekie aficionado and queen of the petit fours. I fancy that. Then you really can call me koekie – with fancy icing on top.

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