So I’m driving on the highway in Cape Town, near Constantia, and I stop at some traffic lights.

In my rear view mirror I notice something flipping around on the road. At first, I think it’s just a leaf or something, blowing in the wind.

Then – because it’s moving along at a pace – I look properly.

That thing is not a leaf. Not a leaf at all but a large creepy crawly, at least as big as my hand.

It is a crab.

I don’t know if it’s a river crab or a sea crab or a marsh crab, but this place is nowhere near anything like a river or the sea or a vlei.

This is a very lost crab, a very long way from home. I hope it didn’t become another road statistic.


‘Kreepy Krawly’ from the Earthcote Heritage Collection – 70 colours inspired by South African people, places and things

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