“You’re quieter than usual,” observed my friend who often visits me here. “What’s happening?”

Since you’re asking. In a few sentences:

On the weekend there was an accident on the sofa. A large cappuccino collided with my laptop. I immediately tipped the coffee out and rushed it in for open heart surgery. Everything’s actually fine. But that’s why I’ve been quieter than usual. It’s been tricky not having access to all my usual pictures and files and things.

In a curious stroke of symmetry, my friend Greg in Joburg had a white sofa moment. That’s his sofa up top, with the cab sauv caterpillar. It makes a lovely picture, I think. He should consider doing the whole thing like that. It’s cool. But not as cool as a laptop that’s just come home from a week in intensive care.

It’s never going to happen again. Ever.

I feel drawn to this colour, Melon Clay. In low light, it looks brown. Like cappuccino. In brighter light, it’s red. Like cab sauv. 

From the Paint&Place range of colours for Midas Envirolite Zero VOC eco paint.




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