Photo: Jack Mason /

I told you how badly I couldn’t wait to see the pictures from AfrikaBurn, after spending Burn weekend snuggled up with books and scrabble in my lovely quiet house, in front of the fire, while everyone went exploring in the desert. So I missed all the action, but now I’m getting to see.

What did I miss out on?

For starters, I missed seeing this giant aloe, which looks like it leopard crawled all the way from J-Bay or Graaff-Reinet, snacking on dassies and puff adders as it went along. Have you ever? I mean, have you ever seen an aloe as big as this? It looks like a massive tangerine member of the fungi family unfurling from the desert floor. A full-on, proper, card carrying magic mushroom.

‘Magic Mushroom’ – one of 300 colours from the green Zero VOC palette by Midas Envirolite.
Find it at Paint&Place paint shops in South Africa.

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