Jaco Janse van Rensburg's house of gold

What a floor. Jaco used Earthcote Shalestone - a gritty coating that contains beach sand and other bits of marine material. Great foil to the elegant exotica.

A Fall of Copper - by Tracy Glass and Lindy Cohen. Love the rain of leaves against a backdrop of Midas Envirolite soft buttery yellows, in earth-loving Envirolite Zero VOC.

Kim Boogaardt and Kerstin Eser used flashes of neon to punch through a misty, winter-white and foggy grey theme. These seductive bowls were coated in pure white Earthcote Skimfill, then given a stunning, eye-blinding neon treatment inside.

This pod showcased the work of Amy Ellenbogen, Katherine Spindler and Dale Lawrence's. I loved the panels of cut-out wallpaper (all done by hand) and the forest themed 'floorpaper' below, overcoated with clear epoxy. I want that floor.

It’s been a big weekend, and it’s not over yet. No malls, no retail bump and grind. I refuse to spoil it by shopping on Labour Day. We will eat bread and eggs and linguine until Wednesday. Nobody complain, please.

What I do want to do, though, is a little window shopping and art-scoping. I’m thinking an outing to the SA National Gallery – maybe – then a walk down Bree Street to the Freeworld Design Centre, where I’d like to have a second through-the-window scope-out of their latest design-decor exhibition. (Note: they’ll be closed on Tuesday, I’d say, but everything that’s beautiful can be seen through the glass on Waterkant St in Cape Town and stored in memory.)

I’ve posted a few snaps of the four new pods that recently popped up there. The latest exhibition is called Soft (Im)Possibilities. Go here for more pictures and the whole story on the FDC’s blog. Visit Freeworld Design Centre, 71 Waterkant St, Cape Town. See the blog for opening times and other details.

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