Jaco Janse van Rensburg's house of gold

What a floor. Jaco used Earthcote Shalestone - a gritty coating that contains beach sand and other bits of marine material. Great foil to the elegant exotica.

A Fall of Copper - by Tracy Glass and Lindy Cohen. Love the rain of leaves against a backdrop of Midas Envirolite soft buttery yellows, in earth-loving Envirolite Zero VOC.

Kim Boogaardt and Kerstin Eser used flashes of neon to punch through a misty, winter-white and foggy grey theme. These seductive bowls were coated in pure white Earthcote Skimfill, then given a stunning, eye-blinding neon treatment inside.

This pod showcased the work of Amy Ellenbogen, Katherine Spindler and Dale Lawrence's. I loved the panels of cut-out wallpaper (all done by hand) and the forest themed 'floorpaper' below, overcoated with clear epoxy. I want that floor.

It’s been a big weekend, and it’s not over yet. No malls, no retail bump and grind. I refuse to spoil it by shopping on Labour Day. We will eat bread and eggs and linguine until Wednesday. Nobody complain, please.

What I do want to do, though, is a little window shopping and art-scoping. I’m thinking an outing to the SA National Gallery – maybe – then a walk down Bree Street to the Freeworld Design Centre, where I’d like to have a second through-the-window scope-out of their latest design-decor exhibition. (Note: they’ll be closed on Tuesday, I’d say, but everything that’s beautiful can be seen through the glass on Waterkant St in Cape Town and stored in memory.)

I’ve posted a few snaps of the four new pods that recently popped up there. The latest exhibition is called Soft (Im)Possibilities. Go here for more pictures and¬†the whole story on the FDC’s blog.¬†Visit Freeworld Design Centre, 71 Waterkant St, Cape Town. See the blog for opening times and other details.

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