Bust by Wendy Moorcroft

Napoleon & crew. Crew by Wendy Moorcroft.

Portrait on wood - Gabby Raaff

I love a bit of a sleepover at my sister’s place. Here we are high up, close to the big, flat mountain and all cloaked in mist and  fog and motreen. I had to look up the meaning of motreen the other day when I found it in my arsenal of paint swatches. Motreen can be wonderful, if you like that sort of thing. (Actually, I do.) Motreen is drizzle. Light, soft, pearlescent rain that falls down on our heads from what looks like mountain fog. Rain and fog is what Cape Town does best, from now till September. No complaints really. On days like this, it’s nice to be in big sister’s lovely quiet carpeted hideout. Lovely way to spend a 5 day weekend. Another thing I love about coming here: the bottomless pot of interesting stuff. She is a collector. Last night we found a Sony Walkman circa 1988, and some real Fifties Barbies, a few interesting tea sets, and some fairy lights.

My sister is also a collector of busts and heads and portraits. Some of these she actually even made herself. I think she should jump ship and dive right into sculpture.

Mountain Fog - by Midas Envirolite

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