Photos: Deborah da Silva

My friend Deborah da Silva, who took these pictures in Lesotho, points out that I never post any pictures of myself here. I know. I’m sorry, it’s true, and I’ll do something about it one day soon. Just as soon as I’ve revamped my hair and polished my gumboots. In the meantime, here are some people who look a lot like how I look these days. When I get home at night all I really want is to jump into a blanket. This is the kind of fashion I understand. It’s getting cold and I have a few very sexy bunny blankets and a keepsake from Swissair that I like to wear. But a trip to Maseru would add something special, I think.

I love how the people from the mountain kingdom do blankie.

'Five Star' - one of 300 colours by Midas Envirolite

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