‘Philo’ – by Midas Envirolite Zero VOC eco paint

When it feels like everyone is looking to you to produce something noteworthy from your chopping block, remember one word. Phyllo. Or Philo. Regardless of how you spell it, this skinny paper-like pastry is like magic.

You can wrap just about anything in this edible paper stuff, and it’ll come out of the oven looking all crispy and golden and wonderfully professional, in an arty kind of way. Try curly strings of carrot and a pile of shredded spring onion. A frikkadel. A prawn. A pile of mashed chicken with a fresh basil leaf. How about corndog? Or even a frozen sausage roll? Crafty. That would be like having two layers of different pasty around a meaty core. It would be like the pastry equivalent of turducken.

Reminds me. One day we MUST discuss turducken.

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