The colours 'Gunflower' and 'Explosion', by Midas Envirolite.

Pass me my sunnies.The blom above exploded into my line of sight as I rounded a corner on Silvermine yesterday. (Silvermine is part of Table Mountain, not far from my place.)  I’m amazed by some of the things that shoot up out of the ground around here. These look like they could grow on the moon, or under the sea. They look so alive, you half expect them to start demanding lunch.

And these are March lilies – or Amaryllis Belladonna – snapped by Simon Fraser on his farm in the Cedarberg. 2012 has been one of the best years in living memory, for the March lily. It’s April, going on May, and still they can’t stop coming. They’re everywhere, and more full-on and flowerbomb-like than I’ve ever seen.

2012. The best crop of belladonna lilies in living memory?


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