Ballpoint Boy has taken to guerilla crochet projects, yarnbombing smartphones and things.  His friends have seen how a crochet sock can instantly make a boring old Blackberry totally sick and insanely awesome. So in just one day, demand for more of the same has suddenly spiked.

It looks like Ballpoint Boy is going into production. And that’s not all. While you’re texting with your Blackberry in one hand, you’ll need to have something in your other hand to keep the symmetry. Ballpoint Boy thought he’d expand the possibilities with these hand crocheted juggling balls to key with your phone sock. That’s it. I want a screaming yellow one.

Only while stocks last.

Big. But is not half as big as a nicely crocheted pure wool Blackberry cover.
From Midas Envirolite Eco paint palette - available at Paint&Place paint shops in South Africa.

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