I want to talk about the art of giving presents. It really is an art, I think. Some people have an incredible skill for giving.

Don’t you mean gifting?

No. Gifting is what retailers do. People don’t gift, we give, right?.

My sister has her Masters in giving presents. Her presents are always spectacularly wrapped, and they’re always things you wish you’d thought of buying for yourself, if only you’d found them. Fat chance of that.  She thought of them first, and only she knows where to find them.

This week, the teen in our house, formerly known as ‘pumpkin’, turned 14, and his aunt (my sister) gave him – what else – the most inspired boxful of pumpkins.

She’d just got back from a toad trip where found an Autumn harvest glut of pumpkins at the pampoenstalletjie on the Wellington-Robertson road.

What would a 14 year old do with a box of pumpkins?

I don’t know, but this beautiful box of pumpkins and gourds was somehow different.  If you’re inquisitive, and you pick up the pampoene one by one, and turn them over in your hand just to admire their special shapes and patterns and colours, you’d soon run into some magic.

There’s money in vegetables, or under them. Lucky fish.

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