There’s a certain convention doing the rounds that says the zenith of Easter chocolate joy is an old-gold bunny with a red garland around its neck.

Who can argue? They are very nice, those bunnies. They look like they attended a very good finishing school in Switzerland.

But I’m rebelling. To my mind, the perfect egg must really look like an egg. It should be large enough to pose as an ostrich egg, and should be wrapped in silver foil. In an ideal world, where GI and the threat of diabetes is not a concern, there would be a large bowl full of these silver demons  in every room.

Gold Easter bunnies don’t unseat my preference for classic silver eggs. But something weird happens when I run into a cute-and- kitsch factor that I can’t reasonably explain the appeal of.

When I see Easter chicks like the ones in the picture above, that look like they came from Switzerland or Belgium via a packaging factory in Beijing, completely side-stepping the Swiss finishing school, I melt. Suddenly, I’m 4 years old again, and the idea of waking up to surprises and cuteness in colourful foil on Easter Sunday is exciting all over again.

I’m going shopping for sugar rush today. Cute factor 10. Off the charts kitsch. Or large, silver and egg-like.

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