My favourite building in all of Cape Town is a church that dates back to sometime in 1700’s. Groote Kerk, in Adderley Street. I’m fresh out of adjectives to describe this place. I love churches. Love the history, the scale and the idea that men with names like Anton Anreith spent years and years of their lives carving their art into them. Sitting under treble volume ceilings makes me feel strangely small and peaceful.

Across the road is another kind of wonderful.
Diagonally opposite Groote Kerk, in a gap in the wall, is the official home of design agency The President. And downstairs from the office, there’s a shop called The Church.
Gotta love the gold padded walls, the comics, Popeye books, the memorabilia and the doilies. I have a soft spot for doilies, especially ones like these which look like they’ve been around since fridge tart and banoffee pie were invented.
The Church is a great place to shop for gifts. My friend Sue bought a mug with a cup printed on it as a gift for her friend.  Clever. And the books are amazing.
Coming soon, some beautiful big kerk shots, to show you what I mean.

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