The Rodding Eye: 'BEFORE'

What the?

They’re called rodding eyes. Plumbers wouldn’t be seen dead without them.

If you run into a couple of dozen of these widgets and they’re going begging, accept them with open arms.

Ya, I say hold onto your rodding eyes. buy a few plants, and get out your electric screwdriver and drill. Pick a pretty textured paint for the wall, and soon you could have a whole new vertical garden in the making.

Or something.

Art director Penny Waterkeyn and I worked out a crafty plan to make these unphotogenic bits of nothingness live a worthwhile life.

The AFTER shot will be on its way in a day or two.

They didn’t have a colour called Rodding Eye in the Envirolite palette, so Madness will have to do, for today.

Madness: one of 300 colours from the Midas Envirolite Zero VOC eco-wise paint range.

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