All photos: Elle Decoration for Freeworld Coatings / . Production: Laureen Rossouw

Last Sunday it was the Argus and we were grounded for most of the day in Kalk Bay. No driving, no shopping, no going anywhere except to the coffee shop on the corner and down to the harbour for fish ‘n chips. Perfect. I took it obscenely easy.

This Sunday is different. Besides scribbling a few lines on my blog this morning, I am uncharacteristically busy for a Sunday.

This is because we found another house that we want to do things to. So we’re selling. One of the realities of selling is show day. Today is it.

People want to know how we can do this so often. Oh geesh, I don’t know. But we can, and we do, and, mad as it might seem, we actually love doing it.

Did I say just that? Yes, I believe I did.

Only I’ll admit there are two things I love very little about Revamping and Relocating. The one is show Sundays and the other is moving day. Don’t love.

Last time the agent told me: “Don’t go to too much trouble, dear, please don’t do a whole lot, it’s nice seeing a house looking lived in.”

Really? Really really?

I think one person’s lived-in is another person’s tip. So I just tidy and I clean and I polish buttery finger prints off the bread bin and the fridge and do my best to hunt down and remove banana peels and stray popcorn and sweet wrappers that have found their way to far-flung corners of the house, which might get seen by lookers. That kind of stuff does not a dream house make.

Are you really so messy?

I don’t think I’m messy. I think I’m normal. Anyone who actually lives showhouse-like has got to be more boring than a Marmite sandwich.

The pictures up at the top are of my house behaving like a show house for a day.  They were done by the Elle Deco production team for a shoot. I do love these picture. I can almost smell the apple fragrance fabric softener in my freshly ironed sheets. That’s the thing. On show day you polish all the grease out of your elbows and you pick up, put away and  arrange fresh roses in pretty vases, and make nice. Then you stand back and you think.

You think  W h y .  A c t u a l l y.   G o  .   N o w  ?

PHOTOS: Elle Decoration for Freeworld Coatings PRODUCTION: Laureen Rossouw

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