These boots are nine years old. In boot years, that’s really old, especially for boots that get worn often. They have loads of scuff marks and paint splashes, and one of them has a gash in the side. I even dropped a chocolate milkshake on them once but after a light kiss of shu-shine, you’d never have said.

One of these days soon, I’m going to force them walk to the Zabalaza Art Faktory. That’s the working quarters of customisation king Atang Tshikare, whose job it’ll be to make them kick customised boot butt. Atang customises anything – sneakers, furniture, stilettos, machines, whatever you can think of. He was at Design Indaba last week showing his stuff and he currently also has an installation of customised sneakers and furniture at the Freeworld Design Centre. He says he doesn’t do fashion, but ‘loves mad style’. I can’t wait to turn my boots in – and see what I get back.

I’ve always been a fan of coloured floors. A few people have asked me for the colour of the concrete painted floor in that shot of my boots. This is it: ‘Been Around’, from the Midas 300 colour collection at Paint&Place or Midas Earthcote paint shops. You can pick almost any colour from that palette and ask to have it mixed in one of their tough, scuff resistant floor paints.

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