I take back what I said earlier this week about seeing the derriere of summer. Yesterday and today both laughed in the face of my scribblings on Monday.

But still, there’s no harm being mentally ready for that first day, when the sky drops its load on your head. Then it’ll be time to dust off your best iron casserole pot, like the pretty fudge-yellow one from you-know-where, and get your stew act on.

When I thought about the idea of making a stew on a coolish evening last week, it made me remember the series of shots done by the Elle Decoration team last Autumn. I was involved in this collaboration between Freeworld Coatings and Elle Deco, and Maranda Engelbrecht gave us the art behind the pictures.I love how the cheeses, the persimmons, the pumpkins and their flowers pull a golden thread through the Vermeer-like picture store. It makes me want to do winter things like bake aubergines and caramelise pears in port, and get out my mother’s recipe for oxtail. I start to think of toad-in-the-hole and butternut fritters. And the killer rice pudding and bread & butter pudding that my husband Ian makes, using day-old Danishes and almond croissants from our local baker next door.

If I get myself one of those yellow dirndl skirts, like the one worn by the model up at the top, then I’ll be able to spend the next six months cooking and sampling all of the above – and more – and nobody will notice.

PHOTOS: Elle Decoration  PHOTOGRAPHER: Antonia Steyn. DECOR CONCEPT PRODUCTION: Anna Loubser. FOOD CONCEPT & PRODUCTION: Maranda Engelbrecht. WARDROBE: Christopher Strong.

Midas Envirolite Zero VOC colours – eco-wise paints available from Paint&Place paint shops in South Africa.

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