Puma sneakers customised by Atang Tshikare PHOTO: Nar8iv Media /

PHOTO: Nar8iv Media /

Atang Tshikare, my friend in shoes who specialises in customising sneakers, has a reputation that’s now striding across continents. His latest thing was to dip a pair of his cusomised Pumas not in mud, but Earthcote’s gritty Granite Paint. The shoes, which have a retro African barbershop poster-like look, are off to Dubai, where they’ll be on an international exhibition on 27/28 April: the Sole DBX International Custom Shoe Show for all brands. Zabalazaa, Atang’s label, is one of the exhibitors representing Puma South Africa.
In other news from Atang: he and seven other artists exhibited artworks on canvases for a L’Oreal Paris and Moët & Chandon launch earlier this week. It’s sparkly stuff. I love that he’s doing so well.
See more about the Puma and Toitoy exhibition here:  If you’re in Cape Town, catch up with Atang at Design Indaba this week, or visit the Freeworld Design Centre to see his pod that’s part of Freeworld’s Kidult exhibition.
The Granite Paint used by Atang on his Pumas is the same colour as the Granite Paint on my bathroom walls. I loving seeing it used on things that aren’t walls. I’m getting ideas.

Earthcote Granite Paint. Photo: Antonia Steyn for Elle Decoration

Big thanks Scott Williams of Nar8iv Media for the shoe shots. []

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