Things you must do with your Weber, on days when you have a nice piece of Norwegian salmon fillet lying around looking bored.

My talented chef friend Kim, of the dinosaur eye tart fame (I’M A FAN), made this incredible honey & black pepper smoked Norwegian salmon. Sweetish and smoky and salty, all in the same mouthful. I asked her how. I mean, how how how?

‘You must try it, Jen, it’s so easy,” said the SMS that came after she dropped the recipe in my postbox. I fear cooking anything that cannot be described in four sentences. So imagine what this set of instructions did to my blood pressure. On reflection, I realise that Kim is actually right. It really isn’t that hard. All it takes is time. Like half a day or so. Marinading the fish and preparing the coals and making sure you have all the right stuff, like hickory chips and Maple syrup, that sort of thing.

But then there’s the small print. Line at the bottom that says: Serve With Truffle Mayo. Kim makes her own truffle mayo. It’s deadly. I don’t know how to do that. But I think if I get as far as smoking my own salmon with my own self-soaked hickory chips then dammit, I might as well forge ahead and show a truffle mayo who holds the whip in my kitchen.

It’s nice having friends who really know how to cook.

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