I’ve never thought about whether I have a design hero as such. But if I had to pick one, I think I might pick Gio PontI. This is one of Gio PontI’s rooms. Ponti was considered one the godfathers of Italian design during that very busy time in the life of Italian design – from the 1930’s to the 1970’s. His prolific output resulted in the production of many things that are still being manufactured today, but one of the things Ponti did better than anything or anyone, was pattern. He made it ooze all over the place. Pattern that creeps like ivy over walls, floors, ceilings, everything.

Gio Ponti working in his studio. Seeing this makes me want to get out my pencil crayons and a pile of beautiful paper.

In 1929, he designed and became editor of his own magazine, Domus. His typography was beautiful.

Love this portrait.

PHOTO: ELLE DECORATION   Photographer: Antonia Steyn. Production: Anna Loubser.

This diningroom makes me think of Ponti. I’m sure he’d have approved. Designed by the Elle Deco team using products by Freeworld Coatings for The Room, ‘Outdoor Issue’ Dec 2012. The trippy perspective is clever. If you defocus your eyes, the table and the wall appear to melt into each other.

Jenna Lyons' bathroom. Photo:

This bathroom also looks Ponti-inspired. From the buzzy eclectic New York home of J Crew President, Jenna Lyons.

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