"OH VINCE" installation by Francois van Reenen

It’s so unnecessary to be boring.

My friend Neil pointed out that the Grammys was full of fun new hair last night. Rihanna arrived with blonde hair. And Katy Perry’s hair was blue. The celeb gossip said everyone was angry with Katy for turning up with that hair. Why? Are they cross because they think she’s spoiled her prettiness?  Or was it just that Katy makes them feel dead dull and boring?

It’s only hair, for heaven’s sake. Tomorow it can be something different. Or it can go the way of the ear of Vincent, and be chopped right off.

Changing small things like your toenails or your hair is highly recommended if you’re in a zone that feels like the ferris wheel has stopped with your buggy at the top, and the operator has gone home.

Nothing has to be what everyone expects it to be.

Like blood, for instance. I like what Francois van Reenen did to Vincent van Gogh’s blood in his “Oh Vince” installation at the new Kidult Exhibition at Freeworld Design Centre in Cape Town. Go see it. It’s fun. Blood trickles out of a tube coming out of Van G’s head, which then drips over a pile of chopped off ears. It’s blue blood, nogal. Blue blood is easier to deal with than red. And I love the neon orange beard and hair. Must get some. (To see the blood-spurting installation in action, click here, on the blue line.)

For more blues that I like, see below. But please, not for your wall. For your ceiling or your floor, maybe?

Blues from the Midas Envirolite ZERO VOC range or environmentally friendly paints.

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