This piece of edible art was brought to me by my friend Kim van der Vyver, who is an experienced pastry (and everything else) chef, and who puts things on the table that make us all gasp and go No Way. To the extent that we all think Jamie and Nigel and Nigella should seriously consider moving over now.

“It’s like a dinosaur’s eye,” said somebody at my table on Saturday before we applied the knife.

Kim’s daughter Didi, who is also a trained chef and has the patience of Job, painstakingly cut the squillion slices of nectarine and arranged the raspberries and things. Didi makes cakes that look like food couture, that remind me quite a lot of the inside of this famous name department store in Paris.

Wanna cake that looks like the Galleries Lafayette? Ask Didi or Kim. Photo: blog.lovingapartments.com 

The Saturday night summer fruit tart looks deadly, but the combination of summer fruits, custard and sweet buttery pastry done the proper way, made me die and go to heaven. I cave for anything with raspberry on it.

Kim thinks it might be a plan to open a speciality pie shop, where you can get all your die-and-go-to-heaven pies and tarts and cakes in one place. I say yes. I’m putting my order in already.

One of 300 colours available in Zero VOC Midas Envirolite – available from Paint&Place paint shops in South Africa

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