By far the knock-out website of the minute is that of Anthropologie. Click my link to Anthropologie, and you’ll see. I was having a little daydream, looking the pictures on the Home page, and nearly popped out of my skin when the wistful looking artist appeared behind the glass and started daubing lines of paint onto it. It’s all about paint. In another shot, the model moves out of frame, leaving her footprints on a freshly painted drop sheet.

It’s art.

I also think her paint colours deserve a big Like. Dirty complementaries. I want to use them sometime soon, somewhere. The Midas Envirolite colour deck has great dirties. And they’re available in clean, no-pong, Zero VOC, eco-wise acrylics. From Paint&Place paint shops in South Africa.

Midas Envirolite greens

Midas Envriolite blues

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