Ceramic sculpture by Maureen Visage

“You’re so good with your hands,” my granny used to say. “Little fashion plate,” was another term of endearment that she often used. When I was very small, I made things to wear. I crocheted cardigans and ponchos and ran up my own skirts and tops and mittens. I drooled over Vogue before I could even spell the word.

Unspoken: “She’s a bit arty. She cannot surely rock at Maths.”

This was kinda true. I was okay at Maths. But I sweated somewhat to get the marks that some of my more algebraically-minded cousins got without so much as opening a book.

That was the thing. I could do these arty things, write stories and poems and make nice. I liked it that way.

Now I’d like to draw your attention to the artist Maureen Visagé.

. Maureen’s experience as a kid was probably slightly different to mine.

Maureen’s work is beautiful. Her recent swimmer series is pure enchantment. And it’s selling up a storm, here there and galleries everywhere. The other day an English boutique hotel by the seaside ordered a truckload. One for every room.

I met Maureen over dinner last week and discovered she’s been doing this for about eight or nine years, but has only recently begun to ramp up her output to a full-time level. She’s pleased with the response to her work, but that’s not the reason she’s doing this thing. It’s not a money thing. The reason she’s doing it is because she can. Because, like they say, talent will out. I think demand for her beautiful sculptures will go ballistic once the state secret escapes from the vault.

Maureen works alsongside Gemma Orkin in the studio of the late Barbara Jackson. It’s creatively super-charged in that studio, I bet.

Now here’s a thing.

Maureen’s day job wasn’t always art. Before the swimmer series and the bird bowls (in the slideshow below) she did something entirely different.

She was a fashion designer?


She was a graphic designer?


She was a soux chef  or an aromatherapist or a truck driver?

Hell no.

She was a novelist?


A stylist? 


She was an actuary? 


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

More recent work by Maureen Visagé.

Please vist Maureen’s blog to see more of her work.

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