Tones of mushy peas and avo – bowl by Tessa Gawith

It’s raining mushy peas, avocado, wasabi nuts and guacamole. Everything in my universe is pointing to this smorgasbord of soothing greens.

It started on Friday when someone at the office put a bag of wasabi nuts on the table and my sinuses did a breakdance. Next thing, I get a press release from my friend Tessa Gawith, the potter who is a colour geni.

“I have a new colour! I’m racing through to drop off for meeting for next range. It is the colour of avo flesh. It is so exciting.” says the tweet.

Except it wasn’t a tweet, but an old school SMS, sent to those of us who completely get the thrill of finding something new that just works.

I love getting this kind of breaking news from Tessa.

So I popped into her Muizenberg studio for a preview and went home with the bowl up top. That lovely colour made me think not only of avo, but also the bagful of dried peas in my pantry. Weekend project. Mashed peas taste nothing like peas as we know them, but more like a marriage of avo and chickpea. (Do them this way… cook and mash the peas (for a few hours), add olive oil, lemon juice, salt, chilli and crumbed feta. Mash some more.)

And then I found the perfect thing.

On Sunday I peered into the wonderful windows of Anke the stylephile in Muizenberg. The beautiful dress-coat looks like it was purpose made to be a hostess outfit for the next time I serve mushy peas on toast. Nobody buy this dress please. It has my name on it.


From the Midas Envirolite range of Zero VOC environmentally friendly paints - available from Paint&Place paint shops in South Africa.

Tessa Gawith is preparing a new range of ceramics, soon to be launched in select Woolworths stores. I love her grey range and I think the trickle glaze on these cups is fun.

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