This installation made me think of the early days of laptop and mobile phone advertising, in which a neat looking corporate guy dressed in chinos and a Friday shirt (remember those?) would be doing deals and cracking life-changing concepts from his laptop or phone on the beach, a park bench or at gym.  Key insight being, you can work anywhere if you have a laptop / wireless / 3G dongle / call.    Yep,  ANYwhere.

And then there was the girl version of the ad. The executive mother doing late night work from her sofa at home, baby soundly asleep in adjoining room.  

There were a bazillion variations on this theme.

In the early Nineties, there was that rad (for then) Apple Mac billboard on Time Square. Guy all suited up and sitting on top of a billboard railing tapping on his laptop. I saw that billboard in New York and it talked me into to buying one of those beautiful machines.  I wrote a lot of stuff on that chunky old machine, but never from the beach or a park bench or a koppie in the Karoo. About once a year – and I mean once a year – I take my laptop into the garden and tickle up a few words on my keyboard. When this happens, I’ll be sure to alert the media. [see ‘YESTERDAY‘, posted last week.]

On a day like today, it’s lovely to be sitting in a cool office with lots of space to spread out. No seagulls dropping missives on my head or wind blowing beach sand into my keyboard.

The installation up top is by Imke Rust, an award-winning fine artist who works in both Namibia and Berlin. See more of her installations on her website,

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