Last week, I saw children filing out of school in Cape Town wearing blazers, ties, long pants and hats. (Hats are not a bad idea in hot sun, especially if they have a wide brim.)  I pinched myself. Checked my phone. It was 37 degrees C.

Do they still wear hats like the ones above?  In 2012? Completely. On big days, this charming accessory, borrowed from the Edwardian rowing party, is paired with the wool blazer below. If you like your tradition wrapped up with yards of Petersham ribbon around your neck and straw on your head, then this uniform gets a big tick.

I know someone who looks as cute as a whole bag of buttons in it. He had all his school clothes and books (already covered) piled up on his bed for an inventory check on the 19th of December. That’s how much he loves his school and the toppings that go with it.

That’s the spirit, B-man. Stay proud – and hang onto your basher when the wind comes.

'Grey Boy' - from the Earthcote Heritage Collection - inspired by South African people, places, landmarks and traditions.

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