Fresh orange and naartjie is nice. But how about Fanta? And when last did you have a Fanta float? Yowzer, those were  nice.

Today I ran into this Fanta mini-me, first cousin of the dinky Stoney Ginger Beer bottle. Gimme a fridgeful of these, please, for my playroom. Both come in glass, and are returnable for a coin, just like it was back in the day when recycling, reducing and reusing was what people always did anyway.

Effervescent orange is coming at me in waves of Fanta and OJ. Art director Penny Waterkeyn and I are busy working up some paint storyboards for Autumn. We’re looking at pairing earthy, gravelly textured paints in stone, khaki and taupe offset with flashes of hot high gloss orange. All of this happens al fresco, on beds of sage and vertical walls of pennyroyal.  And it’s taking me to some cool garden shops where I’m being reeled in by gardening accessories like garden forks, hoes, spades and rakes. All orange and black and workmanlike.

I love bubbly colour and I’m looking forward to seeing what the Elle Deco team have cooked up in the latest issue, Issue 82, titled the Colour Issue, onshelf soon. There’s a taster up on the Elle Decor blog today. It makes me want to change things.

More orange clips from my visual notebook include this room from a hammock shop called Relax in Kalk Bay. And below, an installation from one of the pod series in 2011 at the Freeworld Design Centre. The combination of hot colour, organic rock, and a Victorian etching in an old black frame, feels inspired.

Orange feature wall paired with a cerise floor – 2011 installation at Freeworld Design Centre, Cape Town

Mandy Allen, guest blogger for Freeworld Design Centre, recently posted a fascinating piece about octogenarian Japanese artist, Yayoi Kusama, whose primary form of expression is the polka dot. Go see what happens with dotty colour here. It’s a kind of madness I can understand. Lovely weekend project for the whole family.

image from nittygrittynow.com

Hot oranges, persimmons and pumpkins from the Midas Envirolite Zero VOC green paint range – available at Paint&Place specialist paint shops in South Africa

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