My gnocchi recipe? On the wall. Where else?

Walls you can write on are on my Swear By list forever. Writable walls and open shelves. I love not having to open cupboard doors. And I love looking at all the crap that makes a kitchen feel busy and interesting and shape-shifty.

The floating shelves right at the top are where I keep things like perlemoen shells, ashtrays, Grade 7 pottery projects, pudding bowls, jugs and, mostly, a collection of beautiful practical handmade things by Muizenberg potter Tessa Gawith. Tessa is also on my Swear By list. Did I say that already? Yar, a few times, I think. Tessa recently started selling her work as part of the Woolworths artisan collection. By Christmas there wasn’t a teacup to speak of. I love how she makes things. See more of Tessa’s old school cool work here.

With black walls that you can write on, you’re able to bypass whiteboards and iCal, artist’s sketchpads and Moleskines, iPhone notepads and Post-Its.

One morning, you might wake up to some interesting contributions from the family. My sister did the practical ‘Put some things…” notes. And the tragic poetry? Shakespeare’s little brother.

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