Read all about him, this week in Time. 

Financial armageddon is getting very boring. I’m in the mood for uptick now. Like really now.
So look here. The nicest thing I’ve seen all year – a proper good news headline leaping out from below the kind eyes of America’s richest man.
Says Time of the legendary investor: “Warren Buffett believes in making money. He believes in fairness. He believes in the ability of government to make people’s lives better. But most of all, he believes in luck.”
Time also describes Buffett’s world as one “where the 1% meets the 99%”.
Warren Buffet still lives in the same 5-bedroomed Omaha home that he bought for $31 500,00 in 1958. He goes puh to stuff like chauffeurs and snooty private schools, and he gives most of the billions that he makes to worthy causes. He likes Dilly Bars, Coca Cola and Sofia Loren. What is most cool, however, is how he credits his late wife Susie for ‘putting him together’, and his  emotional response to the Time journalist’s interest in the role Susan Buffet played in his life generally.
Are you liking this as much as I am? Don’t you think it’s marvellous that so many squillions fall into such good hands? And if Buffet’s thinking proves right, won’t it be good to see the train pull out of panic station and go somewhere more interesting for a change?
Warren Buffet, this week I’m painting a flag for you.

Colours by Midas Envirolite - Zero VOC environmentally friendly paint from Paint&Place paint shops in South Africa.

Colours by Midas Envirolite – Zero VOC environmentally friendly paint.

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