A new tradition.

Once a year, on a day when global warming is more than a rumour, I take my iPod, laptop, pillows and an extra long swathe of white muslin outside to the red throne in my garden, where I set myself up for an extended afternoon siesta, parking off like the queen of a small African country. That was yesterday. Yesterday I was forced to order a blueberry sorbet from the icecream shop next door. And when that was finished, I drizzled chips of ice on my head as the mercury spiked up to about 40. If today dishes up more of the same, I intend to repeat.

A note about the patio: I organised this set-up for a shoot. The wall was done in almost-black Earthcote Windswept – a colour called ‘Ja Boetie Johan’. (The makers of Earthcote assure me that Windswept is one of their reduced VOC green products, meaning it doesn’t pollute the air or contribute to global warming.) The floor was an ordinary concrete screed, finished with Earthcote Screed and Concrete Stainer, in the colour ‘Bark’. This product is very easy and quick to apply, and cost effective. It reacts spontaneously with concrete and to give an organic, natural look. 

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