I think it’s heart-warming to find a travel mug for fifty cents and to stock up on dinner plates for the price of loaf of yesterday’s bread. But if rarity, individualism in form and love invested in finish is what flicks your on switch, then you need to scratch around a bit.
For instance, you could allow your steering wheel to turn in at Bellamy&Bellamy in Muizenberg, where you’ll run into the beautiful work of Ms Price.
Catherine Price made these paper thin ivory porcelain bowls, now in stock at B&B.
Catherine is a Michaelis MFA graduate who last year presented her new installation based graduate work, showcasing the use of sculpted salt, steel and porcelain.

WHAT DO YOU SEE? This image of a bowl by Catherine Price is one of those.....first the bowl looks concave, but if you stare at it for long enough, it becomes convex.

This trashed old cover plate has been artfully rusted, adding up to pastorally pretty picture. (Bellamy&Bellamy, Main Rd, Muizenberg.)

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