'SIT DOWN & LISTEN": From the Montebello craft centre in Newlands, Cape Town.

Are your AR’s slipping? Are you bummed that the Duchess of Cambridge has a far better team of orthodontists than you? Would you like to be Sir, Duchess or President of something? Even if only of your own kitchen, dining room or TV room? Then, as a start, get one of these.

On the topic of power, I think we should steal a few leaves out of Youssou N’Dour’s book. Youssou is not just a hot and world famous musician. He also owns his own TV and radio network.

Youssou is the media. And as of Monday this week, he’s in the running to become the next President of Senegal. Sounds to me like one day Youssou just woke up and said ‘dammit, why the hell not?

Or rather, he heard the call.   

“For a long time, men and women have demonstrated their optimism, dreaming of a new Senegal,” said Mr. N’Dour in a broadcast on the TV station he owns. “They have in various ways called for my candidacy in the February presidential race. I listened. I heard.”

The New York Times says Youssou’s chances might be slimmed down by the fact that he comes from the Peter Gabriel / Bono era, and under-25’s, which form the majority of Senegal’s population, relate to a different kind of thing. But hey, the man’s got style.

One of 300 colours from the Midas Envirolite range of ZERO VOC paints. At Paint&Place paint shops in South Africa.

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