I hope twenty-twelve pumps up your sails and lets you drop anchor in interesting places. I saw this painting on the side of the road in Kalk Bay yesterday. I hope nobody buys it. It looked so perfect on the tarmac against that lovely chalky white wall. Even the scuffed old peeling artwork had been done a favour by being left out in the rain. They must leave it there.

I love this time. I mean specifically the last week of one year and the first week of another, when it feels as though time is in suspension. Nothing and nobody expects you to be paying attention. I have books to read. Food to cook. People to talk to. Ceilings to stare at. A tan to monitor. Chakras to line up. I might even paint a few walls or windows or chairs, just for the fun of watching paint dry. In a sense, this is when a lot of important work happens. Wasn’t ‘Rest’ one of Steven Covey’s 7 Habits. Didn’t he say that it’s necessary to switch off before you can find your on button again, and go another lap? I think so. Steve, I’m being a good girl. I’m chilling like a professional and taking my protein supplements so I can go into 2012 properly, like a fresh horse.

'Chill' - one of 300 colours from the Midas Envirolite range of Zero VOC eco-wise paints. Available from Paint&Place paint shops in South Africa.

Yesterday I wandered into a new shop in Kalk Bay called ‘Relax’. They sell beautiful handmade Mexican hammocks made of finely woven embroidery thread. Michel, a Frenchman who is the hammock afficionado at ‘Relax’, demonstrated how to chill properly in a hammock, without falling out or twisting your back. The difference with Michel’s hammocks is that you can stretch out width-ways. This allows you to lie flat and avoid tumbling out in the middle of a REM cycle or waking up with a scoliosis. It also makes it possible to share the hammock with a friend. 
Michel and his colleague Jeanette mentioned that very soon there will be other attractions at ‘Relax’. There’ll be food and coffee and snacky things, served in and around this blue room. 

The blue room at Relax, Main Rd, Kalk Bay

The colour of this room is so intense, I felt like a guppie in an aquarium. It reminded me of a snorkeling experience I once had in Malawi. I thought I’d research Sky Blue and its relevance to emotion. This is what About.com said:

  1. The Throat Chakra is associated with the color sky blue. This chakra is our will center. The healthfulness of the fifth chakra is in relation to how honestly one expresses himself/herself.  Lying violates the body and spirit. We speak our choices with our voices (throats). All choices we make in our lives have consequences on an energetic level. Even choosing not to make a choice such as in repressing our anger (not speaking out) may manifest into laryngitis. We have all experienced that “lump in our throats” when we are at a crossroad of not knowing how to speak the right words in any given situation, perhaps even stuffing our own emotions. A challenge of the throat chakra is to express ourselves in the most truthful manner. Also to receive and assimilate information. Seek only the truth.
Alright then. I’m going to choose to not say anything further. And I won’t be lying. My holiday in Kalk Bay is nearly over. Say if you think I should get back to work sooner.

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