Illustration by Peet Pienaar for Mail & Guardian

I am in Port Elizabeth now, where I’ll spend the first part of Christmas morning handing out and opening the Chrissie pressies up top. I love how the pressie pile looks before we all dive in and screw up the perfection.

Then I might settle back into bed with tea and a mince pie, to attack my pile of magazines and newspapers and books, acquired specially to see me through this luxuriously long holiday. I love having time to read The Mail & Guardian from cover to cover. M&G is like Jungle Oats. It’s not always easy to get through it all but you know that if you do, it’ll do you a lot of good. Hats off to editor Nick Dawes for getting Peet Pienaar to do this cool and ironic illie for M&G’s festive week front page.

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