Tin Tin in 3-D is Steven Spielberg’s Christmas present to the world. We went last night. I’ve got to say, this movie crept into my heart after the first few minutes and is now firmly seated on my new best movies hotlist, joining other recent (ish) films like The King’s Speech and The Help.

I need to see it at least one more time, soon.

Spielberg got the retro thing so right, in a cool, future-forward kind of way. I think they should have candy floss machines and usherettes with chocolate trays and flashlights to point you to your seat. And it should be mandatory for everyone to buy a box of Nutties to pass down the row. A Nuttie wedged between your palate and your tongue would come in handy to stop your jaw quivering in the scary desert scene when Captain Haddock starts hallucinating.

Ok, sorry. I won’t.

Strap on your 3-D glasses and go.




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