Get the step by step 'How To' to do your own Earthcote Limestone plaid feature wall on the Paint&Place blog.This was done using Limestone in the colour 'Crushed Shell' as the main colour, on an off-white Envirolite Zero VOC acrylic base.

When you get to that point in your summer holiday where you don’t know what day of the week it is, then you know it is time.  Time to find things to do.

So here’s one idea.

For under R550, you can do about eight square metres of feature wall using Earthcote’s Limestone textured paint. What I enjoy about Limestone is that it has the look of fine grit sandpaper and in good light, there is discernible light bounce from the glass bead in this product. It can be very beautiful.

I think the idea of using contrasting textures – like the Limestone ‘Crushed Shell’ on top of acrylic wall paint – is an idea that could lead to heaps of wall joy.

Go get the instructions on the Paint&Place blog, or scroll back in time to see how we kick-started Earthcote’s summer 2011/12 feature wall collection with a bag of shells, a Ralph Lauren tennis dress and the checks that are big in the life of Prada now. 

The zigzag wall below is another interesting thought-starter. This one combines contrasting textures in zingy colours – in this case, Earthcote Limestone paint in Jeep green, and regular acrylic in pink.  The wall was commissioned for Cape Town artist Barend de Wet, in a recent collaboration between Earthcote and Elle Decoration. The latest Elle Decor is a great holiday read and if you’re looking for things to do, turn to the back where you’ll find a chunky paint ideas supplement with 48 pages of cleverness, courtesy of Freeworld Coatings and the talented creative teams at Elle Decor.

Barend de Wet's Earthcote 'Texture on Texture' zigzag wall.

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