What’s with the sweet little paper rabbit? My son made it years ago, using unwanted old newspapers from the Japanese embassy. Simplicity is the rockingest idea, especially at Christmas time. I’d rather find one clever bunny in my Christmas stocking, than a pile of stuff I can’t use, or that I look funny in, or already have enough of.  The 3-day Freeworld Designer-Maker market starts in Cape Town today. I’m looking for things I can eat, drink, plant or read. Anything that won’t be landfill in Christmas 2015, or that might have been landfill in 2011, but resisted. I’m going early because Jacques Erasmus from Hemelhuis will be there with his parrot tulip bulbs. A couple of months ago he mentioned he was considering making some of these hanging hessian grass balls, with messed up hair.

'Watching grass grow' by Jacques Erasmus

'Wrapping Paper Red' is an environmentally friendly option from the Midas Envirolite palette of 300 colours - available in Zero VOC, glycol-free, no-fume acrylics.

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