'Monkey Ropes' is one of 70 colours from the Earthcote Heritage Collection: environmentally friendly paint inspired by South African dorps, landscapes and cultural icons.

'A gift from a garden, passon' - oil on gesso panel, by Arabella Caccia

Will your steering wheel force you to make a turn along the Garden Route, these holidays? Don’t take that same old toll road to Knysna. Take the old Bloukrans pass, follow the twists through the shady, wet tangle of jungle, where the river water is like cold, black coffee, and the monkey ropes dangle, suspended, waiting for Tarzan.

'A gift from a garden, fertility' - oil on gesso panel - by Arabella Caccia
‘A gift from a garden: fertility’ – oil on gesso panel by Arabella Caccia

Find a canoe and picnic under the trees with the frogs and the crabs on the banks of Jubliee Creek in Knysna. In Plett, go stand in front of some cool, peaceful, eye soothing paintings by Cape Town artists Arabella Caccia and Cathy Abraham.  Their dual exhibition, ‘Essence’, is happening at Chandler House gallery, 20 – 29 December, 6 Crescent Street, Plett.

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