The house I lived in 17 years ago. Down these stairs there's a great little workshop in a vault.

What happened this morning was weird and creepy, but in a nice kind of way.

Some friends asked me to go along with them to a jewelery exhibition in a neighbourhood close-by.

Incredibly, it turns out the venue was my home 17 years ago.

It was strange and wonderful to see the things that have changed, and the things that are still just as they were the day we moved out. A collection of shell light fittings that I chose (agonised over) and put up in living area, are still there.

And the cool, weird thing about the staircase in the shot.

They found a whole nother space under the living room which we didn’t even know about. They took me down there and showed me.  Wooooooooo.


'Home' and 'Hole in the wall' - two of the 300 colours in the Midas Envirolite palette of ZERO VOC paints. These environmentally friendly coatings are available at Paint&Place paint shops nationally.


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