Odili Donald Odita - installation at Michael Stevenson Gallery in Cape Town

And he might come again, said the nice person at the front desk in Cape Town’s Michael Stevenson gallery. Maybe next year, is what she said. Oh, I so hope.

I popped in there yesterday for just a minute, and took a snap of the Odili Donald Odita installations at the entrance. I thought, how about we dispense with things like Chrstmas trees, and just paint Odita walls in our living rooms? This is my idea of fun.

Odita, who is represented at galleries in both New York and Cape Town, has a fascinating way of working with commercial acylic wall paint and he considers walls to be his canvas. Go here to get more about the artist and his work.

What appeals to me about this is the violent clash of colours, like what I was saying about Mark Rothko yesterday.

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