There’s an email recipe exchange thing going around this week. It asks for a recipe that’s really easy, that you can just scribble down without even thinking.

I received a few great recipes from friends of friends and I sent someone my quite popular honey and soya chicken recipe.

I could’ve kicked myself because I have much easier recipes than that.

My recipe for cooking apples, for instance, is slow food at its best. Cooking time is quite long but like I say, this is one that you really don’t have to think about, and so worth the wait.


Method. Take a bagful of Granny Smith apples. Leave in plastic packaging. Place bag in car, in warm, dark side compartment, out of sight. Do not move. Leave car in hot sun for 14 – 21 days or longer. Remove bag from car.

That’s it. If you can think of an easier pudding than that, please, I’ve got to have it.

Cooking Apple Green is one of 70 colours from the Earthcote Heritage Collection. Available in environmentally friendly formulations, ranked by the Green Filter at Paint&Place paint shops.

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